Complaint rules

Complaint rules

Complaint Rules


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 1. Responsibility

These complaint rules set out the conditions for complaints about defects in items purchased online from the brand Mountain illustration.

As the seller we are responsible for items not having defects on acceptance. This means:

The items are delivered in appropriate quantity.

The item has no defects or damages.

The item is suitable for the purpose we state or for which they are usually used.


2. Use of the complaints

a) The customer has the possibility to use complaint in the 14 days period. The period starts with the date when the customer receives the item. 

b) The customer must show the purchase list with the date of the purchase.


3. The periods for the complaints

The seller must decide about the complaints immediately or in more complicated cases till 7 days.

If the customer makes complaint about the item, he is not allowed to use the item.

The complaint must be solved till the period of 21 days.

If the complaint is accepted by the seller, the customer will be given the money back or possibly to change the damaged item for another item in the same price range.


4. When the seller does not accept the complaints

The seller is not responsible for the defects and damages in this cases:

a) wrong usage by the customer

b) inadequate maintenance by the customer

c) wrong storage by the customer

d) customer intervention 

e) mechanical damage